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Conditions for use 
Conditions for use 
The images, texts and web site are the property of Albert Ceolan and are protected by copyright, authorís rights and intellectual property rights.  All rights are reserved. 
The non-transferrable and non-exclusive right to use the images or parts of  thereof  is subject to the written permission of Albert  Ceolan. 
Selected images may only be used for the agreed purpose.  Any further use, re-use or new use is only possible with the written permission of Albert Ceolan. 
Responsibility for the use o f the selected images and any complaints or direct or indirect damage that may derive from such use may not in any way be attributed to Albert Ceolan and will lie exclusively with the user. 
Printed use of these images shall be marked: Photo and Copyright Albert Ceolan. 
Films, prints or slides shall be returned no later than 45 days of receipt of same and all copies of files used or for which permission was granted for use, shall be deleted within 45 days of the licence. The above shall apply unless otherwise agreed in writing. 
Please contact us to negotiate usage for complete stories or single images 
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